Monday, December 13, 2010

Minecraft again

One of you asked what the chaotic evil thing was about - Well, on the server we've been playing on, it has different groups, which have different alignments. You pick your own alignment, and can start a town, and like-minded individuals can join you. The group I am in, decided amongst ourselves, to be Chaotic Evil. We're chaotic, and generally evil. =D Also, earlier we raided someones base that was out in the wilderness - We got a double-chest absolutely FULL of wealth. We stole virtually everything they had, that was worth stealing. All diamonds, all gold, a full set of diamond armour, and 3 sets of diamond tools, including swords. Lots of Obsidian, and other things. Shit was SO cash.


  1. Fuck yur, Bitches be trippin'. He should have locked his chests. :P

  2. sounds kinda fun, our survival online server is all inflated with diamond and obsidian because someone figured out how to dupe items. not as fun anymore, but we've built some coool shit.