Thursday, December 16, 2010


All right, so I obtained some pictures. They aren't incredibly detailed, as I don't want to give away where certain hidden passages may lay hidden. =P
A dark picture of the outside, from the front door. It was night-time. >_>

A mineshaft, dug with the Mineshaft Rune, a la Runecraft

The treasure room, which is downstairs. Work in progress.

Lavaflow, downstairs, that leads to treasure, portal, other things

The Portal room

I would have taken pictures of the old base, but someone somehow got onto the old base, and used the portal that was there to get to the new base - so we dismantled the old portals.


  1. i thought portals didnt work in multiplayer, isnt this base from your server, or no

  2. I'm annoyed at that base destruction, but I guess we were asking for it when we messed with all the other stuff around us.

    And Smatchimo, portals do work. I think it's a mod that makes it work. But they do, they're called stargates.

  3. @Smatchimo
    It's a custom mod on the server, something to do with Stargates. It isn't specifically 'my' server, no, just one I play on. I think they have a list of the mods on the server, on the Darkcrest Subreddit.

  4. Sweet minecraft server - mods make everything insane good job!